The importance of good apps in higher education and research practice is growing. With the competition Apps On, SURFnet and Waag  stimulate the development of these apps. The contest was created to stimulate the use and development of mobile applications for higher education and research and to demonstrate the possibilites of mobile apps, devices and wireless internet. There's a lot of data available at universities and research institutions, only they do not have the apps that make this data optimally accessible.

Six themes have been defined for the participants to get started: 'Unlimited online collaboration', 'lifelong learning', 'Personal Learning Environment', 'Motion image citation', 'ePortfolio' and 'Interactive college. Each theme has an ambassador that brings in a case or issue from their own work practice. Read all about the themes and which apps the ambassadors like to work with on the website (Dutch).

The contest was held by SURFnet and Waag for the first time in 2012. The winner Tom Cooper (Present!) received a cash prize of 2,000 euros from the hands of jury president Harold Teunissen.

Project duration

15 Aug 2012 - 1 Dec 2012



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