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De Populair

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'De Populair' was unique: an interactive tree, which brings connection, surprise and energy to every location in which it is placed. Bystanders can leave audio messages using the built-in microphone, or listen to audio content. It can even receive – and speak – Tweets.

Interaction and surprise

In the shade of De Populair there are so many things you can do. Through loudspeakers built into the tree you can listen to stories – for young or old, for entertainment or information. De Populair can provide valuable cultural or critical information. Museums, theatres and municipalities can enrich exhibitions or other public events with spoken announcements. Amusement parks can surprise visitors with messages specific to the time, location, and target group. Naturally, visitors and passers-by can also leave their own messages, stories and reactions behind, by speaking or by sending messages to De Populair via Twitter, SMS, or social media websites like Facebook.

Energy provision

Smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives and there is a growing need for free, easily accessible charging points at public places like bus stops, train stations, city squares, or motorway rest areas. De Populair lets you quickly recharge your telephone or iPad while waiting for the bus or the train; all USB-equipped devices can be sustainably recharged using solar energy. At the same time De Populair provides both decoration and lighting to public areas, making them safer and more enjoyable. Lastly, the undersides of the solar panels can be used as advertising space; a unique and surprising advertising location, with a wide target group.

Hotspot and meeting point

With its generous seating provision, De Populair is an ideal meeting point for an appointment with colleagues, friends or relations; and while you’re waiting, it gives you a link to the virtual world. Very handy, since digital interaction and constant Internet connection are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Free, high-speed WiFi makes De Populair a hotspot where you can quickly check your email or post your social media updates. So De Populair is an ideal location for both real-world and digital meetings; a valuable additional service which increases the number of visitors to any public space, making the environment livelier and more enjoyable.

De Populair was developed by Waag and produced by Groundlevel.