To stimulate the skills in storytelling with pupils, Teleac/NOT developed the Storytelling lessons on school-tv (for the first and second classes of the vmbo secondary schools). As a modern extension the new branch of Digital Storytelling has been added in 2003 with Digital Storytelling. The project resulted in a large number of short online videos, in which pupils tell their own story and illustrate this with sound and vision.

Waag worked closely together with Teleac/NOT and the Educational Faculty Amsterdam. The Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley was the advisor for this project.

Lessons Learned

  • Pupils are highly motivated
  • Personal and truly happened is the key combination that works for the younger age groups.
  • The group process is positively reinforced by the imtimacy of the process.
  • Older pupils will make more use of abstract images then the younger ones do.
  • Re-education of teachers is necessary to use the Digital Storytelling method.

Project duration

31 Dec 2003 - 30 Dec 2005


  • Teleac NOT
  • Center for Digital Storytelling
  • HvA Onderwijs en Opvoeding