The eHealth Users Guild

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A 'sample room' will be set up at various health care institutions, a short-stay environment where the elderly can experience, master and improve a palette of eHealth innovations with care professionals and others.

The range of ehealth products, 17 innovations of seven regional eHealth providers (starters, entrepreneurs, university of applied sciences), varies from sensor technology for hip rehabilitation at home, a 'coach' for monitoring the daily effort, to a smart watch and brain training. In case of successful adoption in the short-term stay, the eHealth implementation trajectory continues towards integration in the home environment and a wider scale-up in the network.

The GezondheidsFabriek will secure the knowledge gained in the project and apply it sustainably in the operation of the fieldlab after the end of the project. For expertise in the field of co-creation, technology acceptance models, innovative business models and care content, the project can build on knowledge partners HvA / Ben Sajet Center, Waag and Big Data Value Center.

Through the fieldlab, the participating SMEs have access to customers and markets and can, in conjunction with key stakeholders and technological solutions, develop an impactful business case.