The eHealth Users Guild is a multi-year project in which Waag and her partners are looking for better ways to implement eHealth into the daily practices of healthcare institutions, such as nursing homes and hospitals. Today, the designs of healthcare technology often do not correspond with the daily practices of healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors. To bridge this gap, the eHealth Users Guild was founded.

The first initiative of the Guild was to create a 'sample room', set up at various healthcare institutions: a short-stay environment where the elderly can experience, master and improve a palette of eHealth innovations with care professionals and others. But, due to practical difficulties and the corona crisis this proved to be non-executable. This is why the partners in the Guild did a lot of research via both interviews and work visits, leading them to create the eHealth navigator for implementation of technology in healthcare.

The GezondheidsFabriek will secure the knowledge gained in the project and apply it sustainably in the operation of the navigator after the end of the project. For expertise in the field of co-creation, technology acceptance models, innovative business models and care content, the project can build on knowledge partners HvA / Ben Sajet Center, Waag and Big Data Value Center.

Through the navigator, the participating SMEs have access to customers and markets and can, in conjunction with key stakeholders and technological solutions, develop an impactful business case.

Project duration

1 Jan 2019 - 1 Sept 2021



EFRO West-Nederland


  • GezondheidsFabriek
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Dezzel Media
  • Dugour Electronics Almere
  • Medicine Men
  • Zorgbel
  • Big Data Value Center
  • Zetacom
  • Installatiebedrijf Breedveld & Schröder BV
  • Breedband Video Services
  • Woonzorg Flevoland
  • L Zorg
  • illi Engineering
  • Wiltraco/Fit4Vit