Youngsters are sometimes called the “let’s-mix-together-generation”. Downloading, uploading, sharing, and remixing of digital content is very common kind of thing for them. But the subject of copyright is not so hot.

KoppieCopy was a project about copyright for pupils in secondary education in The Netherlands. The goal of KoppieCopy was to create awareness among young people and to enable them to form their own opinion about things are arranged within copyright. They are the generation that will put their mark on the future developments.

Different from the usual approach emphasizing the restrictions that copyright imposes, the starting point will be the space that the law offers to content users. What kind of legal possibilities can be used to create new content and the re-use of content?

KoppieCopy was worked out at the beginning of 2010 with pupils of the Stanislas College in Delft.

Some video footage was made used for a workshop at DOK in Delft. Most of this material concerns downloading, which is probably the subject that gets the most attention in this age group. At this workshop, experts and participants met and discussed topics concerning copyright, new media and internet. The videos were re-mixed with other content, of course published with the right kind of license!

This is a joint project with the following partners: Nederland Kennisland, DOK (Public Library Delft) and Creative Playground. made possible by the Media Literacy programme in the Netherlands and a contribution of Creative Commons.

Project duration

31 Jan 2010 - 1 Jan 2011






  • Kennisland
  • Digital Playground
  • DOK