The aim of the project is to learn how existing services, such as NPO Start and the archive of Sound & Vision, can contribute to a wider reach and better findability of the online range of cultural productions. In the Living Lab Open Cultuurdata project we address common challenges, including the lack of standards for searching and archiving this digital content. Special attention is paid to the user- and public perspective.

Besides the realisation and maintenance of common standards, this project focuses on the development of open source facilities. These should make it possible for cultural institutions to link their digital offerings to existing public distribution channels. Specifically, we have two facilities in mind: sharing cultural agendas and playing out and archiving registrations.

Waag is responsible for researching and developing public services that enable the sharing of cultural agendas. The challenge here lies mainly in shaping the possible participation of venues in such a way that sharing one's own agenda is frictionless and adaptable and that presenting the agendas of others easily pays off by enriching one's own offer.

In order to guarantee impact and applicability, the project partners have drawn up four use cases, each with its own focus. These use cases describe the desired outcomes of the development and implementation of an open standard for metadata in the cultural field. In addition, they provide insight into the opportunities that exist for cultural institutions as well as individual makers and market parties.

In addition to core partners of Sound and Vision, NPOPublicSpaces and Waag, these are: Pakhuis de Zwijger, InScience festival, STRP, Tetem, Dutch Composers Now, ArchiXL, Dutch Jazz Archive.

Innovation Labs
The Living Lab Open Culture Data project is one of sixteen projects that are part of the Innovation Labs scheme, an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, carried out by ClickNL and the Creative Industries Fund NL.