LooseControl was an open-source platform that facilitated multi-user, live interactive broadcasts. It focused on 'many-to-one' interaction; many participants, one resulting broadcast stream. LooseControl allowed for participation on many levels of the broadcast with the results not only relevant for the live stream, but also allowing for enrichment of the resulting recording of the event. Switching in user audio and video streams, real-time annotation, tagging, translation, clarification through adding other media sources, and even influencing the set in the studio or venue were possible.


A streaming server which is fed by a 'rendering' server running on the KeyWorx platform. A web server which was responsible for provisioning roles and interfaces to participants and interpreted their input. LooseControl combined CSCW applications and technology with the chat/SMS interface to MTV. The use of the web browser as medium allowed for a dynamic and changing interface, user interfaces, interaction possibilities and level of participation that were determined by the role one assumed in the shared broadcast and were even subject to change under control of a participant with the appropriate role (the 'director').


  • Multi-computer technology demonstration of an interactive streaming broadcast platform
  • Many-to-one interactive broadcasting; acknowledging diversity of roles and different levels of participation
  • Online streaming broadcasts. Special interest 'micro' stations. Education, seminars, lectures
  • Divers, internet streaming broadcast makers and their (vertical) audience
    Contributors mainly Waag; students TU Eindhoven for user scenarios and testing

LooseControl was made possible by MultimediaN.

Project duration

16 Apr 2007 - 31 Aug 2007


  • TU/e


  • MultinediaN