NLroute offers seven routes through the Dutch countryside that take the visitor beyond the known. Routes that make the rich variety in the landscape visible. And highlight the relationship between the landscape and the Dutch identity. The NLroutes connect national landscapes and parks.

A first pilot route was developed in collaboration with the Province of Overijssel. The NLroute team asked Waag to organize a number of co-creation sessions with (local) stakeholders to define the pilot.

An interesting aspect of the NLroute concept is the way that the team, with a diverse set of cultural backgrounds, looks at the Dutch landscape; aspects not all Dutch notice (anymore) but also provide an interesting insight in the DNA of the Netherlands to foreign visitors. Think of the dominance of family farms in agricultural areas, commodities of historical, contemporary and also (future) product design solutions, the solitary tree in the pasture as characteristic for large estates, etc.

Project duration

1 Feb 2015 - 30 Apr 2015


  • NLroute
  • Provincie Overijssel
  • 7scenes