Thomas van Dijk

Thomas van DijkResearcher

Thomas van Dijk was a researcher with Waag's Commons Lab. He focused on transparency in digital information exchange between market, civilian and state and is mainly interested in systems that provide the individual with freedom to change both himself and the system. Thomas worked on Urbanite and multiple energy transition oriented projects.

He studied beta-gamma at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on physics, and obtained his master's degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies at the TU Delft. He then found and led a startup for sustainable batteries for seven years, after which he worked as a freelancer on off-grid energy systems in Africa, projects on the crossings of art and technology, and advising subsidy trajectories in the fields of battery and energy innovation. Next to his work Thomas enjoys reading on quantum physics and philosophy, and to make music.

Current projects

Platformcoöp Accelerator-programma
Commons Lab

Platformcoöp Incubator

Together with the Commons Network, Waag is working on a Platform Co-op Accelerator programme that will connect and advance start-up initiatives that work with the commons. This way, we are encouraging a circular, local and fair economy.
Open HEM nu, Waag, 2022, Vivent Solar via Unsplash
Commons Lab

Open HEM now!

Commissioned by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland and Top Sector Energy, Waag is developing a Public Stack for home energy management systems: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).
Commons Lab

Charging the Commons

Charging the Commons is a project exploring the design of digital platforms for resource communities.
Future Internet Lab

Living Lab Open Cultuurdata

Making cultural events easier to find with open-source technology. By NPO, Sound & Vision, PublicSpaces and Waag.
Energie Referentiearchitectuur, Waag, 2023
Commons Lab

Energy Reference Architecture

In opdracht van Topsector Energie Digitalisering en de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) onderzoekt waag een referentiearchitectuur voor de Nederlandse energie infrastructuur.  
Amsterdam bicycles mobility
Commons Lab


Urbanite will analyse the impact, trust and attitudes of stakeholders with respect to the integration of disruptive technologies in the mobility sector.
Public Stack Summit
Commons Lab


Atelier is a five-year project funded by the European Commission that focuses on shaping energy-positive neighbourhoods. Residents, local stakeholders and companies will work together in these neighbourhoods to create a local energy system that generates energy sustainably.