Big Future of Data COMMIT/

At the national event 'The Big Future of Data' COMMIT/ presents fifty demos with groundbreaking research with the latest in big data science at the visual demo market. How are these scientific results applicable in today’s society? And what will be the economic impact?

The event will be opened by Bertholt Leeftink (Director-General Enterprise and Innovation at Ministry of Economic Affairs).

The future of ICT in The Netherlands will be discussed by Jan Kees de Jager (former Minister of Finance), Peter-Paul Verbeek (professor of philosophy of technology at the University of Twente) and other leading speakers. Researchers, partner companies, young entrepreneurs & young scientists will attend the event and share their innovative vision on the future.

Embodied Learning demo's by Creative Learning Lab

Society and education are highly cognitive, whereas the body plays an important role in learning. How can the body be adressed in learning processes and what role can it play in enriching education and fostering 21st century skills, such as collaboration, focus and creativity?

Discover it yourself

In order to answer these questions, Waag's Creative Learning Lab developed prototypes, concepts and focused on user centered design within the COMMIT/ project. Cilinder Trap Wip is a series of balance objects, developed to enhance corporal literacy and to foster soft skills, such as collaboration, creativity and focus. Mood Room is a physical space where wordless, visual communication of emotions can be displayed by embodied interaction.

The future of (health)care by Creative Care Lab

In the COMMIT/ program Waag's Creative Care lab developed prototypes, concepts and focused on user centered research methodologies. Some of these will be presented during the national event 'The Big Future Data'.


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