Annabel Thomas door Jimena Gauna voor Waag

Annabel ThomasCommunity Manager

Annabel Thomas is liaison and community manager for Waag's Hollandse Luchten project. Her role is to form the bridge between the members, Waag's team, partners, experts, businesses and governments participating in the project. The aim of Hollandse Luchten is to use citizen science to create a context in which residents, governments, experts and businesses together build knowledge, dialogue and improve action perspectives for a healthy physical living environment.

Annabel is also the chairperson and co-founder of Beverwijk's Broedmachine. There, she facilitates makers, artists and creative entrepreneurs to be daring and entrepreneurial. The mission in all her work is to encourage creativity and initiative in others, ultimately making herself redundant. Annabel facilitates meetings, projects, programmes and events. She arranges everything behind the scenes to ensure that experts, artists, civil society organisations and other groups can make their best contributions.