35,000 Fairphones in second batch

Fairphone is making another batch of 35,000 phones in 2014.

Fairphone has announced a second batch of 35,000 more Fairphones to be produced in Spring 2014.

Order your Fairphone from mid-May
Fairphone will start taking orders for the second batch of Fairphones in the middle of May.

Just like the first batch, your order helps support our ongoing projects, the production of the phones themselves, and helps us keep our independence as a social enterprise. Practically speaking, that means a time span of 6 to 12 weeks between when you order (and pay) and when you actually receive your phone. As a reminder, this year’s Fairphone will be shipping only to Europe, and is priced at € 310, including VAT.

The 2nd batch of Fairphones is nearly identical to the 1st batch, except for an upgraded chipset.