3D print canal house
DUS Architects BY

3D printed canal house

DUS Architects works with its KamerMaker to print a real-size 3D printed canal house in Amsterdam. The six meter tall printer has been installed in September 2012 in the Amsterdam-North area. De printer uses several kinds of (organic) plastic, or, in future, also recycled plastic. Many parts of the house can thus be printed at once. It also creates unique ornaments and a personal kind of architecture that brings back the rich decorated houses of the past. At the moment several prototypes are being tested and printed on a 1:1 scale for esthetics and sustainability.

In 2013, works on the worlds' first 3D printed canal house will start. The building process will use new innovative light funding techniques and constructions of recycled materials. The canalhouse will be printed layer by layer, room by room.

DUS Architects was also involved in our building project Hypermud during PICNIC 2011, when a sculpture was created based on a combination of 3D computer-generated models and an ancient mud building technique.