Report on The Urban Future is Personal

Waag's contribution to the latest PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam consisted among many other things of the eyecatching Hypermud project and seminar titled The Urban Future is Personal. We built a sculpture on the festival terrain that combined 3D computer-generated parametric design with ancient building techniques in mud. We have written a report on this three-day project, that is now available as pdf download.

Nowadays we can use a computer program to make any design as complicated or extraordinary as we wish for. And we have the machines to produce it, for example, with a 3-D printer. This combination of computer technology and modern machinery can be looked at as 21st century craftsmanship. This means we can all build anything that comes up in our minds.The Waag team took this 21st-century crafting and combined it with ecological building.

Download the project report (pdf). Also available as an iPad publication at the iBookstore.