Biohackers in the making

On February 23rd, the kickoff of the third BioHack Academy took place at the Waag. During this meeting Pieter van Boheemen took his students on a journey through the history of biohacking. From Rembrandt’s anatomical lesson, via Dolly the sheep to the modern buzz around the CRISPR/Cas9 method, Pieter explained how the field of DIY biotech developed over the years.

Next to explaining the history of biohacking, Pieter explained the future biohackers their new responsibilities. From ethical considerations to practical lab safety issues: 'With great bio-power comes great bio-responsibility'.

The first class was attended by a mix of expertise, background and nationalities. The University of Southern Denmark, Bio Club Tokyo and the University of New Mexico which are all involved, make this third BioHacking Academy very international and interesting.

From next week on, the new biohack students will work on their DIY bio labs, ideas and projects in De Waag. The 26th of April will be the date they present their results to the world.



Gijs Boerwinkel