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After last years' Textile Academy, we now announce a new program made in collaboration with FabTextiles and Academany: the first edition of the Fabricademy, a new textile academy. It will begin at the TextileLab of Waag and other selected laboratories worldwide on the 26th of September 2017.

Do you want to dye textile with living bacteria, 3D-print new materials, investigate how to digitally draft patterns, and think about new production processes in the textile and fashion industry? Do you want to be part of the future of the clothing industry and a global network of pioneers worldwide?

You can when you join the Fabricademy: a new international textile academy program!

The Fabricademy is a six months course (at least three full days a week) during which you will learn about the techniques, processes, machines, and tools that impact the designing, prototyping of both experimental textiles and clothing. Together we will investigate how to digitally draft patterns, work with machines (like laser cutters and 3D printers), and explore options for new materials, how digital fabrication can be applied to textile processes and dyeing techniques with living bacteria and natural dyes. Always framed in the context of critically questioning the current textile and clothing industry, its values and the way it operates.

The Fabricademy is for fashion, textile, and material designers; researchers, artists, and engineers; and all creatives interested in exploring topics surrounding the textile and clothing, working inside and outside the industry. The workshops will give you the tools and knowledge to develop your own in depth research project during the 10 weeks project development. 

The program is structured in two phases: a 13 weeks program of classes and a 10 weeks project development phase.

More information can be found here