Academy Show 2023, TextileLab Amsterdam. Foto: Ray Wallis de Vries
Waag Futurelab BY-NC-SA

Join Fabricademy's thematic modules at TextileLab Amsterdam

This year’s Fabricademy is about to start on September 19th at TextileLab Amsterdam! Did you know you can also register for a weekly theme or a one month thematic module? Take a look at the three modules and explore the intersection of textiles, digital fabrication and biology with us. 

The modules

The modules we offer are on Sustainability, Wearable Technology and Industry 4.0. A module consists of four classes, each one with a duration of a full week (consisting of a masterclass, tutorials, workshops and a personal hands-on assignment). Take a look at them and register right away!



Exploring the role of future eco-pioneers and material designers for a circular and sustainable textile and clothing field, bringing together craftsmanship knowledge and disruptive technologies. The lectures and hands-on learning sessions offer a view on the past and future of sustainable craftsmanship: an array of techniques for environmentally friendly alternatives for the fields of textile and clothing. 

This sustainability area of research clusters knowledge from biomaterials, natural pigment & dyes fabrication, modular reconfigurable laser cut designs, and the solidification of soft fabrics into hard-structures for technical textile applications. It also introduces the participants to basic biotechnology practices. What's more: you will join the global lectures on Biochromes and Biofabricating materials live from Waag Futurelab, as they are held by Cecilia Raspanti (Lead & co-founder of TextileLab and of Fabricademy).

It combines the following classes: 

How do I apply for the modules?

Go to, select 'short' (1 month) and tick the four boxes that correspond with for example the Sustainability-classes above.


skin electronics

The Wearable tech research area focuses on the design and integration of electronics with and as textiles for the development of smart fabrics that are aesthetically and performance-wise enhanced with microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and programmable logics. Participants will obtain basic programming, hardware design and circuit crafting skills in order to create interactive prototypes using conductive threads, fabrics, e-embroidery and other techniques. The projects can be developed for a broad range of applications, from performative arts to healthcare solutions. 

It combines the following classes: 


digital bodies

Developing skills and exploring the field of new technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing(additive manufacturing), parametric design and 3D modeling, as well as subtractive manufacturing, such as CNC milling and laser cutting. A combination of intensive workshops, where participants learn how to create digital files for apparel, fashion and accessories that are enabling mass customization, local manufacturing and reshape the factories of the Future through a performance-based hands-on approach to design.

It combines the following classes: 

About Fabricademy

Fabricademy runs in various nodes all over the world. Waag’s TextileLab Amsterdam is one of the initial labs for textile, fashion and material designers. Here, researchers, artists, engineers and creatives explore the future of the textile and clothing industry. 

Every weekly class covers a different topic, with an international lecture from an expert in the field and hands-on workshops. You also will obtain hands-on experience to work with digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC milling machines.

Take a look at all the weekly topics


Would you like to get in touch? Do you have some more questions considering the program, or are you curious if Fabricademy is something for you? Reach out to us! Mail to gro.gaaw@balelitxet.