Waterballon via hetschonewaterexperiment
Dick Duyves BY

Citizens measure water quality in Amsterdam

500 Amsterdammers are measuring the water quality in Amsterdam this summer. For this purpose they are equipped with a Waterbox to perform several tests. Together they will chart the water quality in the city.

In the 'Clean Water Experiment', citizens are measuring together with researchers from Deltares, Wageningen Universiteit, KWR, Waternet, Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht, AMS Institute and artist Pavèl van Houten. This already delivered some interesting results, as the first 100 measurements were received. They can be found on a map published online.

Some specific data from these first results:

  • The water is relatively warm: an average of 23 centigrade Celcius.
  • The clarity of the water differs a lot in the various parts of Amsterdam, from 20 till 240 cm. 

Follow the experiment at the website hetschonewaterexperiment.nl. A nice example of #citizenscience!