Amsterdecks Nieuwe Meer
Rademaker de Vries Architecten BY-NC-SA

First Amsterdeck's measuring platform approaches completion

We went to take a look in the Amsterdamse Bos, where the first floating, smart platform of the Amsterdecks project is realized. On the south bank of the Nieuwe Meer, between Jachthaven De Koenen and Boeierspad, there is now an approximately 30 meter long wooden jetty.

This will be the first of a series of smart platforms in Amsterdam. Pillars containing sensors that measure water quality are placed here. You can consult this information via a future website. So you know what the quality of the water is before you go swimming.

The platform in the Nieuwe Meer is expected to be ready for use later this year. Amsterdecks is being developed by Waternet, Rademacher de Vries Architects, Waag, Amsterdamse Bos and Sportas. The project is supported by Stichting Doen and the Fund Creative Industries NL.

Locatie Amsterdeck Nieuwe Meer
Location of the first Amsterdeck Nieuwe Meer