CitySDK at hackathon
Waag BY

CitySDK @ Hackathon Amsterdam 2013

Waag has developed the CitySDK open API, together with the City of Amsterdam. In the API, several data sets are linked (static and realtime), connected to the Open Street Map. On Saturday 29 June, at the Hackathon Amsterdam € 500,- was awarded for the best apps that use the CitySDK API. This prize was won by team KBK, formed by Jochem van Kats, Bart Klein and Marco Buijs with their application called 'HouseMatch'.

In CitySDK, the following data sets are available:

  • Administrative Borders
  • Arts Holland: cultural events
  • BAG  (Basis Administratie Gemeenten): buildings
  • BAG: houseboats
  • BAG: indepedent spaces in buildings, at companies, etc.
  • BAG: semi-permanent locations (trailerparks)
  • Trees in Nijmegen
  • Buienradar: local weather information, rain prediction
  • CBS: statistic data per administrative region
  • DIVV: real-time traffic speeds in Amsterdam
  • DIVV: municipal parking garages in Amsterdam
  • DIVV: parkings space and tariffs
  • GTFS Public Transport data: The Netherlands, Helsinki, Manchester, Istanbul, Tampere
  • Hectometer signs of highways (A) and provincial roads (N) in The Netherlands
  • DIVV: Taxi stands
  • NS stations and realtime departure data
  • Open Street Map: Base Geography Layer
  • Postcodes NL
  • Postcodes NL, 4-digit
  • Postcodes NL, 5-digit
  • Service requests city from Helsinki (Open 311)
  • Statistical data by Dienst Onderzoek en Statistiek, Amsterdam
  • RWS: water levels above NAP Nederland
  • RWS: water temperature Nederland
  • Road works in The Netherlands (Cora)