The Conflict-Free Tin Initiative

Bas van Abel of FairPhone just returned from a 8-day trip to DRC with a delegation from the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative. Bas wrote the following on the Fairphone blog about his trip:

"I have a lot of pictures and stories to tell, but there’s so much going on at Fairphone HQ (Barcelona Mobile World Congress next week), so for now I’ll leave you with a few things to look over in the meantime.

You can see a sneak peek selection here of photos I took where you’ll see mines where cassiterite is extracted. This will be turned into the tin that will go into your phone this year! I also want to share a short video with you from Jaime Bourbon-Parma, Special Envoy Natural Resources (Netherlands) who talks about what the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative hopes to do. The Initiative introduces a tightly controlled conflict-free supply chain outside the control of armed groups. I hope that tides you over before my full report back next week."

Jaime de Bourbon Parme explains the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative