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Crypto Design Challenge

The Crypto Design Challenge is an open call to all young designers and artists in the Netherlands and Belgium to develop new ideas and to submit inspiring plans and proposals (before a August 2015) to make the encryption of digital images and information accessible to all. Making texts and images secure is complicated, and it’s something that designers are not or insufficiently concerned about at present. This call aims to change that.

This open call is directed at professional designers and artists, students of universities and art schools, tech companies and design studios. We invite you to upload an idea on the website. Submissions should consist of a description and visuals. Choice of materials is entirely free: photography, video, animation, 3D, 2D, print, gaming, interactive, audio and code.

A renowned jury of experts will select the most original and outstanding submissions. The best proposals will be presented at the Crypto Design Day in Brussels, end of June 2015. A selection of the projects will be displayed in September 2015 at the Crypto Design exhibition at MOTI, Museum of the Image in Breda. Also, the Crypto Design Manifest will be published in autumn of this year which might also feature your idea.

More information about Crypto meetings, events, the names of the jury and extra information about the exhibition and manifest will be posted online.