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A 'cryptoparty' in Maastricht

By: Patrice Riemens

On Saturday 12 October, I took the train South to accompany a so-called 'cryptoparty' in Maastricht, together with scientist and IT consultant Arjen Kamphuis. He was invited by the Piraten Partij (Pirate Party), known as defenders of internet freedom, to accompany a so-called 'cryptoparty'.

A 'cryptoparty' is a group meeting to discuss the ins en outs of the security of your own 'data sphere' and a 'hands-on' practical session to enhance your knowledge and awareness in the field of online security risks. This particular cryptoparty was held at 'Het Landhuis', an annex of the famous Maastricht cultural free space called 'Landbouwbelang'.

For a detailed report of this meeting, please turn to the Dutch version of this page.