DECODE challenge

Have you had enough of Facebook, Google and Yahoo collecting so much information about you without asking? Would you like to be able to log in without giving all these companies access to your data? Are you thinking of using blockchain as an alternative to these data-addicted multinationals? Do you see the internet of the future as being decentralised and distributed?

Are you looking for the right tools and expertise for your plan to decentralise data management? Register now for the DECODE challenge, and you could win software development and support to take your idea further. Tell us your idea, the problems you face, and how we can help.

What are we looking for?
For a pilot, we’re looking for an idea or initiative that deals with an issue relating to online identity management, access rights, reputation, or data storage. Your idea or initiative will aim to enable:

  • Users to log in easily while maintaining partial anonymity
  • Participants to share their data without endangering their privacy
  • Members to make deals even though they don’t know each other very well

Do you have the time available, and would you enjoy working with your group or community to develop an app or service? Take part in the challenge. Complete the form to register, and your idea could be chosen to be the Amsterdam pilot of this European project.

Pilots on one or more of the following themes will have an advantage: digital democracy, citizens’ measurement of the living environment, and the sharing economy.

What can we offer?
We’re offering the winner of the challenge development capacity to design and build your own app. We’ll run workshops and design sessions with users and stakeholders to study your user demand. If this phase is successful, it will be followed by a development phase, in which your app will be built and tested in several iterations to create a first version, or minimum viable product. Waag will run the pilot, and ThoughtWorks will manage the design process.

The pilot will be part of the DECODE project, and will use the services of the DECODE platform, which is currently being developed. The intellectual property of the idea will remain yours, and all software will be open source. The DECODE project promotes an open, transparent and decentralised internet.

DECODE (Decentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem) is a European project aimed at demonstrating through pilots in Barcelona and Amsterdam that decentralised internet solutions based on blockchains, openness and accessibility can provide a good working alternative to existing platforms. There are many reasons for this need for a new internet. The centralisation of power in the hands of a few large parties is putting civil rights under pressure, with an ensuing risk to the freedom, privacy and online rights of citizens all over the world. DECODE attempts to offer an alternative for the way software is designed and used. DECODE’s ultimate aim is to return digital sovereignty to internet users.

The deadline for the challenge was June 5th.