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Experimenting with alternative textiles

No lack of attention for the people of our TextileLab. After having been proclaimed 'Future Fashion Pioneers' at the VPRO, Ista and Cecilia are now hoisted on the shield by Circl, that started the Circular Action Heroes campaign in which the personal stories are shared of people who convert their dreams about a better world into action.

The first three 'heroes' are people who want to make the fashion industry more sustainable, including Ista and Cecilia van Waag's Textilelab. In addition to the videos, Circl also organizes a series of events about sustainability and innovations in the fashion sector.

Watch the video here

Circl: a sustainable clubhouse

Circl is a pavilion of ABN Amro where the bank wants to show customers what the circular economy - in which reuse of products is central - means. With, for example, direct current in the building and old industrial clothing on the wall for insulation, Circl is as circular as possible.

The green ambitions of banks

The current practice within the banking world is still far away from the sustainable goals of Cirl. From the article 'The climate ambitions of the financial sector: a breakthrough or greenwashing?' in the Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' we quote:

"Of every 5 euro that ING and ABN Amro lend to energy companies, 4 still go to oil, gas or coal companies, the 'Fair Bank guide' reported last year. According to the researchers 'they undermine the climate agreement of Paris with the money from the payment and savings accounts of their customers.'

Earlier, De Nederlandsche Bank had already concluded that the three major banks have started to lend not less, but almost a quarter more money to producers of polluting, fossil fuels in recent years."