Fairphone publishes cost breakdown

Fairphone has published a cost breakdown of the first phone, showing all elements in the production cost. A Fairphone carries a consumer price of € 325,- including taxes, but how does that price exactly breaks down? For a company like Fairphone it is essential to be completely transparent about all the costs involved in the production process. From the breakdown we learn that an amount of 22 euro is reserved for interventions like fair raw materials, welfare of the workers, smart design and recycling/e-waste. 

The largest part is of course still reserved for the product itself, 185 euro, while 45 euro per product is used for operations. The breakdown can be downloaded here as a free pdf and besides the visual it also includes a key with a detailed explanation.

The delivery of the first Fairphone is expected at this moment to be in December 2013. The website of Fairphone gives the latest updates, specifications and delivery terms.


Download the Cost breakdown of the First Fairphone