FairPhone op de markt
Waag BY

FairPhone recap: Koefnoen, Nieuwmarkt and Discovery festival

Last week, the development of our Fair Phone could be found in the newspaper (read the NRC article "Calling with a clean conscience", Dutch only), but also between the cheese on the organic market at the Nieuwmarkt and between beers in NEMO during the Discovery Festival. Even in the TV show Koefnoen we were brought up (watch the Dutch episode here, from 6:00).

"Can you repair my phone?" "Hey, I used to own this phone". A few comments on our collection of old Nokia's and Ericsson's last Saturday. This time we didn’t work in our office at the Waag building, but around a market stall. Maybe you saw one of our posters around town with a cell phone, tools, and the sign ‘open it’. The mobile phones were not there to be repaired, but to be opened up. For a big part, the amount of (conflict)minerals used in electronics is unknown. We got to know more and more about the mobile phone. With this knowledge, we’re building an honest phone.

Saturday, we brought FairPhone to the organic market. People spontaneously offered us their phones for recycling and a 11-year expert opened up 5 phones. Friday night we were in NEMO with a FairPhone workshop. Discovery Festival is an entertainment night-with-content: science experiments, music and art.