Graduate of the BioHack Academy 2019 Candyce Dryburgh
BioHack Academy #6 graduates Waag

Final presentations BioHack Academy 2019

During the conclusion of our annual BioHack Academy, the participants presented their work and received the BioHack Academy Award. Roland van Dierendonck, head of the BioHack Academy, introduced the final presentations, after which the students themselves explained their project.

During the 10-week course, participants build their own biolab with open-source hardware, follow the lectures by experts and work on their own biotechnology project. This year there were 20 participants, four of whom worked in the Waag:

  • Mischa van den Berg (project: Building logical gates with slime mold)
  • Candyce Dryburgh (project: Cultivated Heritage)
  • Inger Le Gué (project: Inger's Kitchen Sink, IKS Lab)
  • Peter Joosten (project: The future of biotechnology?)

The remaining participants attended the course at partner labs in South Korea, Japan and the United States.

The next BioHack Academy is scheduled for 2020. Registration will start later this year.

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