First Fablab in Southeast Asia opens in Yogyakarta

Impulse for innovation, local entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing

On 29 July 2011, the HONFablab in Yogyakarta, Indonesia was inaugurated in the presence of the Mayor of Yogyakarta and Prince Wironegoro KPH. 

Waag, institute for art, science & technology and the House of Natural Fiber (HONF), an Indonesian media-lab, see the opening as the incentive for the creation of many innovative projects in the region. HONFablab was funded by Agentschap NL – EVD Internationaal.

Fablab is a global network for digital manufacturing. The network consists of about 60 labs and was founded by MIT in Boston, USA. The labs work by the same methods, are closely linked through a video system and share knowledge on local design and manufacturing processes. With this first FabLab in Southeast Asia, HONF and Waag hope to stimulate local entrepreneurs, students and creatives. The connection of Indonesia to the Fablab network, gives them access to innovative design and manufacturing methods. In addition, the HONFablab will enrich the network by sharing local knowledge and creativity.

Global impact

The Fablab concept has been proven around the world. In India a FabLab developed a product that tests the quality of milk to keep spoiled milk out of the the supply chain. In Ghana, the Fablab designed an antenna and an affordable server so that areas where the Internet or satellite connections are too expensive gain access to digital communications.

The impact of the HONFablab will become visible through projects in te field of incubation and care, from the manufacture of affordable, high quality prostheses with local materials to a "creative incubation program" which facilitates setting up businesses. After 'Yogya' hopefully more Fablabs will follow in Indonesia.

The House of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta, is a New Media art laboratory since 1999 dealing with the principles of critical analysis and innovation. The house of natural fiber focuses on cultural development and New Media Art in the implementation of many New Media art projects and workshops that revolve around the interaction between people and their environment. As they work towards the development of art through technology.



Alex Schaub