Fablab Yogyakarta was a collaboration between Waag and the House of Natural Fiber (HONF), Yogyakarta, Indonesia to set up a Fablab in Indonesia.

The aim of Fablab Yogyakarta is to involve Indonesia in a global, dynamic knowledge network and enable the local community to become self-supporting in design and production processes. It creates a bridge of knowledge based on innovative design principles through the use of a Fablab – a specific set soft and hardware technology, creativity and an international design community.

The project existed of two programs: a healthcare program and a creative incubation program. These programs were supported through a creative research agenda, developed by the participating project partners. For this cooperation, Waag used its experience and expertise in founding Fablab Amsterdam.

Alex Schaub of Fablab Amsterdam assisted the local crew during three months in 2011 setting up HONfablab, as the Fablab in Yogyakarta was called.

Project duration

31 Dec 2010 - 30 Dec 2013


  • MIT
  • House of Natural Fiber (HONF)
  • Universitas Gajah Mada


  • Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland