Maker Education in Nederland
Platform Maker Education resultaten
Illustratie: Astrid Poot/Waag BY-NC-SA
Platform Maker Education 22 juni 2016
Foto: Magic Solutions BY-NC-SA

The future of Maker Education in The Netherlands

On June 22nd, a night to celebrate the future of Maker Education in The Netherlands was organized in The Hague, on which the results of the first (half) year of Platform Maker Education were presented. Thanks to 140 enthousiastic participants this night, Maker Education now has a place in education in our country.

This evening was organized by the initiators of Platform Maker Education: Arjan van der Meij (De Populier / FabKlas in Den Haag), Jeroen de Boer (Frysklab / FabLab Benelux) and Karien Vermeulen (Waag / FabSchool / Fablab Amsterdam).