Hack the Brain 2015

Hack the Brain at Euronews

During the 'Hack the Brain' hackathon last June, a team of Euronews Learning World also filmed the three-day event. Never heard of? Euronews is one of the most-watched news channels in Europe, covering world news and broadcasting in 13 different languages. Euronews reaches 400 million households in 155 countries.

It took a while before the report came online, because it is part of a broader item about the growing role of coding in education. This special report contains three reports from Hungary, France and The Netherlands.

This is the part about Hack the Brain - Education. Very recommended!

Netherlands: Hack the Brain

An experimental event staged simultaneously in Amsterdam and Montreal seeks to take coding to a whole new level. Hack The Brain brings together programmers, designers, philosophers, scientists and artists. They explore the possibilities of transmitting brainwaves from one person to another using computers. It’s a daunting challenge but one with potentially huge implications for humanity.

How early should kids start "coding"? Watch this example from France.
"Coding" is only for men? Not so in this example from Hungary.



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