Highest repairability score ever for Fairphone 2

Fairphone 2 has received the highest possible repairability score of the iFixit website: 10 out of 10. This is the first time that a device received this score in one their popular 'Teardowns'.

Fairphone 2 is partly modular: users are able to replace modules of the phone themselves or adapt these, like installing a different type of camera. This is made possible by the use of spring contacts. This greatly enhances the durability of the device: the most commonly failing components, battery and display, can be replaced without tools. Fairphone supplies the necessary spare parts. iFixit names only one issue with the display. The LCD and cover glass are fused; thus simplifying removal, but significantly increasing the cost of replacement.

The phone will be delivered starting December for those who have ordered a copy during the crowdfunding campaign. New orders will be delivered starting from January 2016.