Do It Together Bio hacking HIV

The Immunity Project

Willem Duijvelshoff visited our event Do It Together Bio about Hacking HIV for Motherboard and reports (in Dutch).

Developing A Free HIV Vaccine

Immunity Project is a "Until There's A Cure" and "Y Combinator" backed nonprofit initiative focused on developing an HIV vaccine to give away to the world for free! The team of Berkeley, Stanford, and Northwestern scientists has completed animal studies with the help of a grant from Microsoft Research. Following successful completion of the animal studies, a groundbreaking crowd funding campaign allowed the team to successfully vaccinate human blood in vitro (in a test tube), and they are now preparing for Phase I/II human clinical trials.

Your Support Matters

Because Immunity Project is a nonprofit, donations help keep the lab conducting research and prepping for the clinical trials to begin. That's where the awesome Twitch community comes in! $75,000 helps keep the team in the lab testing and improving the vaccine formulation until human clinical trials can begin, at which point we'll begin raising funds for the 2,500 vaccine doses needed to successfully complete this world-changing clinical trial.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 288959 (KiiCS). Starting with #15, this project has received funding from the Europ