Lancering Maakschap Amsterdam Waag

Launching the alliance 'Maakschap Amsterdam'

Waag Futurelab launched a new alliance: Maakschap Amsterdam. Maakschap presents a manifesto that has now been signed more than 40 times by various makers and manufacturing companies. At the launch of Maakschap Amsterdam at Pakhuis de Zwijger, property developers, municipal advisers and Amsterdam councillors sat down to discuss solutions to the increasing numbers of makers disappearing from the city.

What are the challenges, what do makers need and, above all, where are the solutions for a city of the future? It was an evening full of emotion, sharp findings and hopeful initiatives.

What is Maakschap Amsterdam?

Maakschap Amsterdam is an alliance to connect makers, share knowledge among themselves and jointly lobby for better maker policies. It organises events such as the Open Workshop (informal gatherings at different workshops in Amsterdam) and Round Table Discussions (lobbying and working towards influencing policy) as well as creates learning experiences around circular working. 

Maakschap Amsterdam presents a manifesto with three spearheads:  

  • There should be affordable workplaces in the city
  • Makers should be involved in urban development plans
  • Practical training should be promoted and preserved in the city and encourage circular craftsmanship

On the specially launched website people can sign the manifesto and join the network.

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