Anna Trap by Jimena Gauna for Waag

Anna TrapCommunicator

Anna Trap is a communicator with Waag's Future Heritage Lab and Maker Education Lab within the Learn research group. Her focus is on projects on the crossings of heritage and education. Next to this, she works as a freelance photographer, mainly in analogue photography.

Before coming to Waag, Anna was a teacher in Swedish at the Volksuniversiteit of Amsterdam amongst others. Her first studies was at the conservatory in Utrecht: singing Jazz & Pop. Later on she studied Language and culture studies in Utrecht and obtained a masters' degree in Gender & Postcolonial studies.

Current projects

Critical ChangeLabs

Critical ChangeLabs
Maker Education Lab
In the Critical Changelabs project, Waag is working with nine more European partners to revive the relationship between young people and democracy.


Tracks4Crafts explores and transforms the transfer of traditional craft knowledge to increase the social and economic appreciation of crafts and align them with a forward-looking heritage approach in Europe.

Technological Citizenship

Maker Education Lab
An investigation into the role of creative making processes in developing citizenship skills among young people in a digital society.

Good Game

Maker Education Lab
A theatre performance created by gamers about gaming. In it, young gamers composed their own music via software, which is ideally a metaphor for learning code (programming language).

Quantum Inspire

Maker Education Lab
The potential of quantum technology is enormous, but how do we get the conversation in society started about the impact?

Make it Open

Maakplaats Reigersbos FabSchool
Maker Education Lab
Transforming schools into community partnerships. Maker education and citizen science function as a transformative approach for Open Schooling.


Future Heritage Lab
Nine cities, including Amsterdam, are working together to develop inclusive and sustainable Fab City Hubs at industrial heritage sites.


Opening Planet B @ Amsterdam Science Park
Urban Ecology Lab
Within T-Factor, Waag will help enrich and steer the Amsterdam Science Park masterplan towards urban ecology-related innovation and enterprise.


MuseumCamp Amsterdam
Future Heritage Lab
During MuseumCamp exhibition makers, educators and curators explore the potential of digital experiments in exhibitions.