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Living a year of open source: is it possible?

Through his documentary “Year of Open Source” project, the Berlin-based New Zealand filmmaker Sam Muirhead has set himself the challenge of trying to live as open source as possible for a year: abandoning goods protected with traditional copyright, getting rid of his Apple, discovering Creative Commons films and music, producing clothing with circular knitting machines and parametric designs, creating digitally manufactured furniture and learning to master open hardware and 3D printing. Muirhead wanted to investigate in audiovisual format whether open technologies are as accessible as they seem, as well as to evaluate and explain many of the concepts and practical realities of the open movement.

Sam will share his experiences at the International Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference due to be held during the FADfest only a month before completing his experiment, which he started in August 2012. Marleen Stikker of Waag will also speak at this conference, on the topic 'Re-engineering the world: How open design ;contributes to social innovation'.


After the success of the first edition, the International Open Design / Shared Creativity Conference is again being held as part of the FADfest 2013 under the motto of 'Innovation and Renovation Channels' to debate the new creative scenario being facilitated by digital technology, the web-based world and the emergence of open culture. FADfest is the annual event of the FAD that celebrates creative excellence, recognizes the work of professionals and businesses and brings design to the citizens. A showcase for discovering the best proposals of the year in architecture, interior design, graphic design, advertising, industrial design, crafts, art and fashion held in Barcelona between 25 June and 11 July, for the first time at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.