Basiskamp Entre-Nous
Basiskamp Entre-Nous BY-NC-SA

MakeHealth at camp Entre-Nous

Last year, we met with Edwin Stolk, an artist who had the plan to develop an experimental settlement in Frederiksoord, the former Maatschappij van de Weldadigheid (Society of Humanitarianism). At this temporary settlement, named Basiskamp Entre-Nous, artists, the locals, organisations and governments could enter in a dialog about our current welfare state and start a search for alternatives. An intriguing experiment, at the place where 200 years ago General Johannes van den Bosch established his colony, which is seen as the origin of our current welfare state.

By now, the Entre-nous camp has twelve artists as inhabitants for the month of September and is open to the public. An opportunity for the Creative Care Lab to give a workshop on location about MakeHealth. To discuss the role of DIY healthcare solutions and what it takes to realise such solutions. Is it an realistic expectation that citizens can be in control of their own healthcare?

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