Museumnacht 2016

Museum night 2016

The creaky wooden floor in the Theatrum Anatonicum of the Waag was covered in white, the vodka for a DNA extraction experiment was ice cold, and the 3D printer warming up. Waag's Do-It-Yourself Healthcare Clinic was about to open its doors to the public—or, rather, to prospective creators and 'patients'.

Empower the patient!

The big question of the night? Can you hack yourself into a fitter, healthier, and more social human? For the rest of the evening, we helped visitors to step into the wonderful world of Do-it-Yourself Healthcare—with a wink, of course. But behind that wink are a lot of serious questions. What, for instance, are the limits of care? How self-sufficient are patients? And what role could designers play in the field? These are all common questions to our Creative Care Lab.

For anyone who missed our museum night (or who wants to relive the magic), check the photos on Flickr.

Museumnacht 2016