Annually, Waag opened the Waag building during the museum night, organized early November in Amsterdam. During these nights, we create special installations in or around the building.

Below is short overview of what we have organised over the years.

No museum night was organised in 2018 at Waag.

For this edition we redesigned our Fablab into a futuristic playground for makers, to celebrate a decade of Fablab Amsterdam.

You had to bring your curiosity with you when you visited Waag's DIY Healthcare Clinic this year and discovered all the DIY tips, tricks, and gadgets you can use to improve your health.

We opened the Late night pet shop at the Theatrum Anatomicum. Waag has a biobank full to bursting with friendly, adorable micro-organisms. During the Museum night, their microbes were on sale! Bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, and algae.

This year, we organized a follow-up to our earlier 'Hack the Brain' event, called 'Brainwaves' at the Waag. Visitors could discover the fascinating world of the brain and join the experiment by manipulating the brainwaves of people and see how our test persons were reacting on different stimulants, emotions and situations.

During this edition, we introduced Timebank: the bank which trades knowledge and skills with time (Hournotes) as a bargaining chip. A new coupe, dining with a top chef, a new design, a tattoo - it was all possible at the market in our Theatrum. You paid for it with your time.

Especially for this night we introduced the successful Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics in the Netherlands. Earlier, the initiative gathered a group of young artists in the Balkans and Berlin, to make their work available for everyone. The Waag turned into a graphical factory with more than 100 artworks by (inter)national designers and illustrators.

During this museum night a masters degree in Augmented Anatomy could be received in our Theatrum Anatomicum, while on the first floor our Fablab showed the guild of this age by using digital equipment.

The 11th edition was about experimenting with the Waag Lab Experience: prototypes like a Twitter 3D visualization, a colour-to-sound installation from the Lab and on the second floor the Theatrum Anatomicum in the dark.

This year the Open Design Museum was held on 7 November. The designs on display could be re-used and fabricated with the machines of the Fablab.

In this year's edition we had a virtual operating theatre by Vrest, stories about the surgeons in the Theatrum Anatomicum told by Reno Raaijmakers, a 'Stiff Drink' from our special bar and a 'Lounge and Light' after midnight with a soundtrack made by Alex Schaub.

In 2007 we saw the return of a great show at the Theatrum: D-I-Y, with the ScratchWorx machine (if you want to DJ/VJ yourself), or make a cocktail masher at the Fablab.

Centrepiece of this edition was the Coolingshow of Richard Trevors, involving a wodka mixing robot and DJ machine. At the same time, Radio Rietveld made interviews and reported via a radio web stream.

This Museum Night a special game was played with mobile telephones, called n8spel (n8game). The purpose of the game was to walk the city and create an 8 on the map of Amsterdam. Besides this locative game other computer games were played in the Waag.

In cooperation with Museum Vrolik, Waag presented on this night the 'Anatomical Anomalies' cabinet. Visitors could photograph their scars and other anomalies and place those in a special web gallery. They could also print them and use them on the Animation Machine. With a special presentation of objects from the collection of Museum Vrolik.

In 2003 a remarkable exhibition was made in the Theatrum Anatomicum of posters, entrance cards and other objects related to the dance scene in Amsterdam.

This was the first year Waag participated, and also the debut of the Creative Learning Lab. On the first floor, visitors could privately scan a part of their body with the Scanbox. This machine was made by Waag and enabled a one-button scanning and storage of a body parts scan.

Project duration

31 Oct 2002 - 5 Nov 2017




  • Museumnacht Amsterdam