Museumnacht 2013

Museum night: the annual N8 Award

After each edition of the Museum Night in Amsterdam the N8 Award is handed out to the museums with the best program. Last year's edition went to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The jury existed of 24 persons aged 18-30. They looked at the link with the collection, the innovative programming and the whole experience. 

Although we are not a museum, Waag participates in the Museum Night since 2002 each year. This is what the jury wrote about our programme:

"Waag has a perfect location that in itself brings a lot of atmosphere. Besides that, a creative buzz is clearly sensible at the entrance of the space. It brought the two year old concept of Time Bank, a system to exhange services without money. Time could be earned by joining the system as a member or working at a collaborative artwork and could be spent on things like a 3D print, a philosophical discussion or a 1-to-1 tasting session. The audience was clerly in a good mood. This location certainly has a high 'stick-around' factor. Unfortunately, the jury had to move on to the next location."