Museum Night: Graphics on the spot

Did you see people walking with big, white envelops during Museum Night? Chances are they came from the Waag. We transformed our Theatrum Anatomicum into a pop-up gallery. One where you could easily shop til you drop since the pieces of art were sold for only €1,-. We did all this in collaboration with the Summit of Cheap Laser Graphics, a Serbian initiative that makes art available for everyone. They have collected over 300 graphics throughout Europe and are touring passed different cities right now.

“Number 3, 26 and 43 please”

We exhibited 52 graphics in total, half of which came from Dutch grounds. Unlike a typical art gallery you could just print your favourite graphics on the spot for a small prize. Thanks to Spotify there was no silence in the room – everyone dropped their requests in Spotify. Olivier Weiter tot Cypress Hill and Two Door Cinema Club. Luckily, our punch did well at the bar and the constant flow of people was not affected by the rain.


In order to give the designers more exposure, we asked them to fill out a questionnaire in advance. This list appeared underneath the graphic. For instance, you came to know for whom he or she would design a tombstone and what they most ‘overconsume’ on. During a workshop in the afternoon we used statistics from earlier Summits. Did you ever wonder which percentage of designers in Berlin worked with alcohol, drugs or nicotine in their system? Based on these outcomes we made crazy infographics. The three best will appear on our website soon.

700 graphics

The printers were used non-stop and printed a total amount of 700 graphics! All the euro’s you spent will be used for the new, upcoming book of the Summit. You can take a look at their latest book on Vimeo. Check out for more information about our Serbian friends.



Susanne Afman