The new economy during Museum night 2013

During the Museum night 2013 in Amsterdam different economic rules applied at the Waag. Together with Timebank we opened a market to trade your time.

Whether you had a new hairdo in mind, needed a love letter or a philosophical conversation, wanted a 3D printed ring or a portrait - it was all possible this night. When you joined the Timebank you received some of our time to spend on the time market at the historical Theatrum Anatomicum. Or you could gather some minutes while working for our artist/entrepreneur Remko Siemerink to help create his '24 hours' artwork. You were paid directly in time. Because at the Timebank, time is the currency - in the form of 'Hour notes'. You trade your knowledge and skills with others. 

For this occasion we prepared some A3-sized posters about money and time.

Christine van den Horn (head of our public programme) wrote the following on the rise of the new economy:

"Because of the economical crisis and failing banking systems, bartering is hot! The internet & mobile technology is offering a great platform for new informal economical systems: the exchange of goods, time and expertise.