NRC: Big Tech won't rule itself

We can't win the cyber war if we do not fundamentally change our economic models, as Marleen Stikker and Sander van der Waal wrote in the Dutch newspaper NRC on Friday 8 October 2021.

About Digital European Public Spaces

DEPS (Digital European Public Spaces) has the goal to research and facilitate digital European public spaces that are open, democratic, and sustainable. By design, such environments are inclusive for everyone and transparent about how personal and usage data is stored and processed, offer possibilities to change how they work, and do not exploit people for economic gain or cause harm to our planet.
The DEPS initiative arises from the current lack of public spaces online. Public spaces have been replaced by profit-driven marketplaces: spaces of constant surveillance where private companies set the rules for access and discourse, and determine what we do and do not see. This situation threatens crucial human rights that are fundamental to European public spaces.