NASA open data for clothing
Slow Factory BY

Open data as product

Open data can lead to new products. Design boutique Slow Factory took advantage of NASA’s publicly-available satellite and telescopes data and created a collection of wearable fashion featuring prints of space explosions and satellite images.

Slow Factory’s Terra Modis and Hubble collections feature handcrafted pieces made of natural fabrics that are covered in prints of NASA’s Terra satellite images and Hubble telescope images. The collections include silk scarves with prints of nebulas and star formations. The images used for the prints are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY. Each piece in Slow Factory’s collections are handcrafted in Montreal and New York.

Another example: the open data of the Dutch Kadaster is used to create an interactive map of all buildings coloured by the year of construction. Sections of this map with the largest cities of The Netherlands are now available as a print. They can be ordered on different materials, like paper (poster), canvas, aluminum (dibond) of the display system Xpozer at this webshop: