Open Design, Japanese style

After two years and three printruns of the book 'Open Design Now', a Japanese edition of the book has been published. A beautifully crafted book, like they only make them in Japan: a paperback with a dustjacket - all in the finest papers. The Japanese edition is somewhat smaller and is simply titled 'Open Design'. Special cases and articles about open design in Japan were added to the content.

There is also a special website for the book (content is available under a Creative Commons Attribute-NonCommercial licence):

The Japanese version is published by O'Reilly Books and and sells for 3,780 Yen (about the same price in as the Dutch edition, 29 euro). Open Design Now was published in The Netherlands by BIS Publishers on behalf of Waag, CC NL and Premsela and was edited by Bas van Abel, Roel Klaassen, Lucas Evers and Peter Troxler.