Digital Preservation Awards 2016
@realAdrianBrown BY-NC-SA

Prestigious award for The Digital City Revives

Wednesday November 30th 2016 the prestigious Digital Preservation Awards were awarded in London. Our project "The Digital City revives a case study for Web archeology" has won in the category "The National Archives Award for Safeguarding the Digital Legacy. Together with our project partners, the Amsterdam Museum, University of Amsterdam, the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision and the NCDD we are very happy and grateful for this award!

The International Digital Preservation Awards are an initiative from the UK Digital Preservation Coalition. They are awarded every two years to people or organizations that have contributed in a significant and innovative way to the security and accessibility of our global digital heritage. The winners of this edition were be published during the award ceremony at the Welcome Hall in London.

Read the paper on the case study of the Digital City Revives.

Waag has her roots in the Digital City (DDS), the first digital social network in Amsterdam (which opened on 15 January 1994).