Project with botanical gardens started

Helma van Rijn

On 24 april 2013 we started a nice project with the The Dutch Botanical Gardens Association (NVBT). We will connect the data of their botanical collections and think of ways to share the contents with the public in innovative ways.

Representatives of the gardens came together at the Waag to dream about 2017. How will their audience look by then? Which plant stories are the gardens going to tell their audience? How do the gardens see their ideal future knowledge centre?

Collaboratively, the first answers to these questions have been formulated. This Fall we will really get things going. Several employees of the gardens will work with us to develop actual applications for the gardens. And we will evaluate these directly with the public. This Summer, the gardens will make a start. We have provided bags with some assignments about the public and their favourite garden, disposable cameras and return envelopes. We are looking forward to the postman bringing us the reactions from the gardens!

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