Dutch botanic gardens ready for the future

In 2017, the 25 botanical gardens in The Netherlands present the results of a joint transformation process. As an outcome of this, the data of all plant collections are now connected and shared with the public in innovative ways during the 'Year of the Botanical Gardens'. Waag developed the app Hortus Chat, in which visitors of the gardens can start a conversation with some of the remarkable plants.

Year of the Botanical Gardens
The 'Year of the Botanical Gardens' was opened on 22 April 2017 at Arboretum Trompenburg by the mayor of Rotterdam. This will also mark the start of the exhibition ‘Crown jewels’ and the campaign 'Botanic Guardians'. At the renewed website www.botanischetuinen.nl, all plant collections are now connected and accessible for the public.

Hortus Chat
In the gardens, some of the most beautiful, surprising and threatened plant species are now in the spotlights. Visitors can download the app Hortus Chat on their smartphone (in Dutch only), that works with GPS and sends messages when visitors are near to one of the crown jewels in the garden.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android and developed by Waag in collaboration with the gardens and 7scenes, financed by the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.